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Orgone energy was Wilhelm Reich's name for the Force, an all-encompassing, "life positive" energy which he claimed to discover in 1939. Reich frequently used the term 'orgone energy' as a catch-all to describe any natural phenomenon that had no scientific explanation, the God of the gap. Orgone is attracted by organic compounds.

Reich expanded his theories of orgone energy to psychoanalytic therapy throughout his life. In the latter part of his life, the doctor merged all of them to form a broad theory of therapy. He coined Orgone therapy. There were two major broad divisions of physical orgone therapy as well as psychotherapy orgone therapy. It was not unusual to see Reich employ both kinds of therapy on a person.

Orgonite's primary function is to purify negative and stagnant energy. Install your Orgone Pyramid within your home, living space, or wherever you work, sleep and reside. It's going to keep the vitality clean and healthy. It has been found that they work best when they have one flat side directed towards the north magnetically. Even though it has an effect that can be measured at up to 25 feet when placed close to 3 feet from you and you'll get the maximum advantages. Orgonite is now very well-known as a tool for healing and also as a shield against electromagnetic radiation (emf).

Human beings are energy systems that are open to the elements. This means we can't be completely protected from our surroundings. We are constantly exposed to the energy of our surroundings. They impact us regardless of whether we recognize this or not. It is therefore important to change any DOR that is a threat to us in a positive way.

Orgone Pyramids Uses: Orgone Pyramids grow and concentrate energy at the top of the pyramid. Orgone Energy can be described as a living force that is a part of all living things. Orgone is the name given to the force that Wilhelm Reich labelled the "substrate that all life is created". He carried out thorough research into the characteristics of this omnipotent, invisible force. He discovered that he could draw Orgone energy by combining organic hydrocarbons with inorganic substances in alternating layers. Different materials were examined, including organic compounds like cottons, oils, and resins and inorganic materials like metal filings, and various minerals. The various layers of these devices.

These powerful products are readily accessible through Divya Mantra, to everyone who wants to make this happen in their own homes. They convert Deadly orgone that is present in their surroundings to positive vibrations using our orgone devices equipped with terminal poles located at the top in the pyramid.

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