How to use an Orgonite Pyramid?

Orgonite is another term used to describe a kind of energy referred to by the names of Chi, Ether, Prana as well as Life Force. The orgonite pyramid on the contrary is a composite made up of crystals and metallic elements layered into an orderly pattern. The Orgonite pyramid is among the most sought-after items due to its capacity to convert negative energy into positive energy, balancing the physical, spiritual body, and emotions.
The Orgonite pyramid is formed by mixing metal shavings with crystals using resin composite. The resin composite shrinks in the curing process, which can squeeze the quartz crystal into later, creating a piezoelectric phenomenon inside the crystal.

Orgonite pyramids are beautiful , and they also have healing power. They possess the power to bring someone to healing harmony and bring positive harmony in their lives.

How do you use the Orgonite Pyramid?

There are a few methods of using the orgonite pyramid, I found the method I used to use the most enjoyable.

Begin by placing the pyramid with your hand and then meditate on the pyramid. Your attention must be focused on the pyramid and the energy emanating from it. The idea is to make the best effort to not be able to see the pyramid, but rather feel it.

Informing the orgonite project is an important aspect. Every object has a consciousness starting from the smallest subatomic particles to the whole solar system. You can speak loudly towards the pyramid, or to your head as if having a conversation with someone whom you haven't seen for an extended period. The one that feels comfortable. The purpose here is to link the mind to the pyramid and to benefit from the healing properties that the item has.

You can ask for healing, love, and light for yourself as well as the people around you. The Orgonite Pyramid is grateful to be recognized and acknowledged and radiates greater love towards you. Breathe into your healing energies and sense them flow through your nose into different parts of your body to heal your body, mind, and mind, as well as the emotions.

You can take the Orgonite pyramid around with you throughout the day long and put it in your workplace. The advantages of the orgonite are reflected throughout the area. In this way, you can make your workplace a more welcoming and all-inclusive place to work.

Orgonite pyramids are gorgeous pieces that have amazing healing properties. Real crystal offers a wide range of orgonite pyramid for sale in the USA. Visit their website and browse the whole product range


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